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A good job starts with the right tradesmen

The main goal of our team is to provide high quality services in order to ensure compliance with customer requirements, legal requirements and applicable regulations and to increase customer satisfaction.

NMD CONSTRUCTION LTD is based on the professionalism of our employees, on the quality of the chosen materials and solutions and on the correctness of our business vision.

We can approach any building project, regardless of its complexity with the same seriousness and dedication. Every customer is just as important to us.


We are listening intently to ensure that we are able to fulfil your dreams. Each property’s history is unique, and each project calls for a personalised strategy. Yours is the same. Our commitment is to your happiness. It is well known that clients value dependability, skill, and proper communication.
Our top priority is delivering consistent, dependable, and exceptional results. That is clear. Since we’ve worked with many customers who trusted us, we have the confidence to deliver our services in a straightforward, honest, and realistic manner.
Throughout the construction process, our clients continue to see us as friends. Even after we deliver on our promises, they keep giving us more projects.
Our business was created in cooperation with our clients, and we built our portfolio and story on strong foundations.

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